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Paolo Santamaria


Marta Bulgherini

Luca Mascolo

Marina Elena Savino


Giuseppe Morgante



The uniqueness of each individual represents an invaluable value, and Lampi knows how to tell it with delicacy and empathy, allowing the viewer to identify with the story of the protagonist Viola, a former water polo champion who withdrew from competitive sport following an accident and the discovery that he possesses a “special ability”, that of emitting electric flashes of light from his body, especially from his hands. It is an uncontrollable gesture that causes her discomfort even when she is inside a swimming pool full of people, during one of her usual workouts.

Viola’s character is inspired by those human superheroes who often experience suffering with the special abilities that have been assigned to them and who tend to isolate themselves from the outside world.

However, the final message of the short film conveys an openness, a positive vision of the future: sometimes it takes little, like a simple meeting, to change the perspective of one’s perceptions and to understand that what one thinks to be fragility are, in reality, points strengths and uniqueness factors.

Thanks to Lampi’s dreamlike metaphor, Angelini Pharma intends to contribute to putting brain health back at the center of the political agenda, recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the priorities on which to intervene in the coming years.