L’allevatore di regine

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by Francesco Niccolini


with Angie Cabrera and Rita Scognamiglio

original soundtrack Giuseppe Morgante

recorded voiceAlberto Santucci


image Violinoviola

costumes and scenography Scenotecnica ‘Ivan Medici’


thanks to Vittoriano Ciaccia for telling us about bees

direction Antonio Silvagni

Bees are a wonderful people, if you know them a little, you will be amazed: the complexity, the wealth, the rules, the tasks, the dances, the mating season, and above all the infinite amount of gifts.

Not just honey, pollen and propolis: without the daily work of bees exchanging pollen from flowers, we would not have melons, cherries, apricots, courgettes, pears, apples and much more.

Bees are a very precious commodity on the planet, but pollution has a devastating effect: they lose their sense of smell and above all their memory, they can’t find their way home, they get lost and die.

Even old Giacomo has lost his memory. He is an old beekeeper. More: a queen bee breeder. Now that he is very old, his daughter Anna has become a beekeeper. They all live together: father, daughter and mother Ada, and the two always quarrel, even in dreams. Until a child changes everyone’s life … The queen breeder is a show that tells of bees, beech woods, Alzheimer’s but above all of wonder and love stories: that of a bee towards its flower, of a woman towards a tree, and an old man who is about to leave for all that is precious around him. Without ever losing your smile.